Well Hello there!

I’m Nargess and welcome to Sweet Butterfly.

I live in beautiful and diverse London, England with my loving husband. I have always had and still have a strange curiosity about the ingredients and instructions that go into cakes and desserts. I remember being a teenager and having a subscription to Bon Appetite magazine but only to look at the beautiful food photography and to read the list of ingredients and how it’s made. The funny part is that I don’t ever remember making a single one of those amazing cakes. Never!

Coming from the city of Angels, California I love exploring, travelling and eating at lovely cafes and restaurants and I get so excited when I see seasonal or unusual fruits and sometimes vegetables during our travels, the colours and textures excite me and the first thing that goes to my head is how can I put that into a cake and make our cakes more visually beautiful.

As a self-taught baker, I’ve spent many years reading and researching. At last, all those years of ONLY reading recipes ;-) have come to fruition. So with my love of beautiful sweet desserts, and lets not forget my first true love and obsession with Chocolate and after the continual encouragement and urging from one particular friend, you know who you are and husband, with much excitement Sweet Butterfly was born. Woo! Hoo!

My amazement and magnificent beauty of butterflies and my love of all things sweet inspired Sweet Butterfly. The growth of this business is simply due to the pure love that is put into every cake. My aim is to share truly fresh baked cakes for your customers in your establishment, just like you would bake at home for your family. I now have a small and amazing team of bakers and helpers, which I am so grateful for to create our delights. I truly hope when you order and taste our treats that you taste the love, joy and care that has gone into every single one.

Now head on over to the Story time page and read how we do things around here or just look at the pictures in the gallery. They say a picture speaks louder than words, I hope! :-)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to meet you in person.


Nargess x