Let me share with you how we do things around here. We bake 100% fresh artisan cakes to order and then deliver them fresh to you.

Every cake is baked with Love! Every batter is beaten with Love! Every banana, carrot, apple, lemon and lime is smashed grated, zested and juiced by us and every single cake is baked as if it were the first, with excitement and care.

We do not use any preservatives, additives, No GMO, No Soya and No artificial sweeteners. Nothing is pre-made or frozen; we only get started when you place your order. Every single cake is individually hand decorated with care and attention and delivered to your business.

All the cakes including the gluten and dairy free range are tested (my favourite part) time and time again before they make the cut. We ensure that our gluten free range are a wonder to your palate and just as delicious as any other bake.

The chocolate we use are of the highest quality by Callabaut. Our walnuts and almonds are from sunny California and the produce is bought fresh. The only difference between our cakes and a cake that you make at home is the quantity of them. The same love, excitement and care goes into every single one. We actually sometimes take a moment and sit to watch them rise! So exciting!

Thank you for stopping by, now get in touch so we can get some cakes for you to eat.


Nargess x